Forgot your password?


All your data encrypted with the old password will not be accessible upon password reset and therefore will be deleted from the servers.

Please follow instructions below before resetting your password:

1. Backup your data

From Brisqi desktop app. Go to Settings -> Backup Data.

Copy the backup file to a safe location, you can find backup file at following locations:

macOS: ~/Library/Application Support/Brisqi/backup.brisqi
Windows: %AppData%\Brisqi\backup.brisqi
Ubuntu: /home/<user>/.config/Brisqi/backup.brisqi

2. Sign out from the Brisqi desktop and mobile apps

Sign out from both Brisqi desktop and mobile apps if you're already signed in with the old password. Signing out is necessary so that your data can get encrypted again with the new password when syncing to the cloud.

3. Restoring data

After resetting your password, copy your backup file to the same location as mentioned above and from Brisqi desktop app, go to Settings and click "Restore Data". Once you sign in, your data will automatically get synced to cloud again.

Enter your email below and a password reset link will be sent to you.